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Monday, June 28, 2010

My garage sale is over!

My garage sale is over!  Thank goodness!

I had a really good sale and I figured out the whole pricing thing but I am paying for it big time.  I'm sure anyone who went through and did everything I did the last four days would be pretty run down and a bit sore also but add my MS on top of it and I am completely drained and my whole body is screaming in pain! But here I am sitting at my desk battling to make it through my 9 hour day.

Back to the garage sale. We organized and set up some stuff Thursday night. Then Friday morning we moved all the tables outside and I got everything set up.  Friday was very busy all day and unfortunately I was alone a good portion of the day. I sold a lot of smaller items on Friday, but that was ok because I made some good money off the small stuff. After the sale that day my husband convinced me to move everything in to the garage "just in case". I'm glad I gave in because Saturday morning it decided to rain for a bit in the morning. After the rain stopped we moved everything out and started the sale a bit late. With the rain that morning Saturday was definitely a slower day but more of the big items went so the $ turned out pretty good.

Overall it was a good sale and I'm glad we decided to only do a two day sale.  I don't want to think about how mush pain I would be in today if we had done the three day sale we discussed originally.

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  1. Garage sales take their toll mentally and physically, far worse than I ever imagined! We did one last summer and I was ready to sleep for 36 hours after we were done, so I give you props for doin it, especially with the pain you're in right now! I sent out your package for the swap, but my boyfriend didn't get a tracking number (men & their short term memory!), so it should be there anytime. I'm only in Ohio, so I'm thinkin tomorrow at the latest! Hope you love it!