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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Guilty Pleasures Swap Goodies!


So I had so much fun with this swap.  It was great putting together a box of my favorite guilty pleasures and getting to see someone elses! For this swap I was paired up with Wani from Wani's World.

She included some really neat stuff and a cute letter explaining all of her guilty pleasures!

From Wani:
Here is a little about me and my “guilty pleasures”. First off... sorry if mine are not very exciting... I don't really indulge in a lot of things but one of my biggest guilty pleasures is actually my addiction to a couple tv dramas – but they are not easily packaged to send to you so I made due! ;-)
What Not to Wear – I love watching the show on TLC and have also enjoyed the tips in the book. I keep telling my family and friends to nominate me for the show but no one has done it yet! Feel free to nominate me if you like! ;-)
Magazine – I'm a sucker for a deal on magazine subscriptions. I never pay full price but if I find a steal I'll take it! I've found some good ones on Amazon but there are lots of places to catch a deal. Its so much fun getting something other than bills and junk mail!
Ferrero Rocher – I adore these yummy little hazelnut and chocolate treats! I get them as my stocking stuffer and that is usually the only time I get them. I cannot figure out why I don't get them any other time of year... hhmmm... I might have to rectify this situation. ;-)
Jewelry – I have realized that when life calls for a little retail therapy and clothes shopping can actually be a little depressing... but jewelry... now that is something that rarely requires looking at sizes. And who doesn't love a little sparkle? ;-)
Bath & Body Works travel set – I used to go in there any time I got a coupon in the mail under the guise of “saving money”. But I realized alas, my bathroom was overflowing with bubbles before I knew it! ;-) So now I savor my favorites and really appreciate it more! Plus I have a fetish for travel size things – they are so cute!
Nicholas Sparks Book – I am a book-a-holic. As long as they are cheap of course! I scour the clearance rack at Half Price Books, scope out yard sales and the other usual places. I have stacks of books that I want to read, and I usually get around to them... eventually.
Cake Cook Book – Speaking of books... I also love cookbooks. Which is funny because usually am in a cooking rut and its really kind of rare that I actually break out my treasured cook books to try something new. I especially like to make special things for my kids' birthdays.
Dining Certificate – While I like to cook there are some times when I just would rather not! So I've gotten into buying certificates on for local restaurants in our area. If you catch them when they're having a sale its such a great deal and a real treat!
There you have it. My guilty pleasures in a nutshell. ;-) Hope you enjoy!

It is perfect!  I can't wait to try out the Cake Cook Book - there are some really cute ideas in there.  I'm wearing the necklace and bracelets she sent me today!  Sooo adorable! And I can't wait to go try the restaurant she got me a gift card for! 

Great Match! Thank you Wani for all the wonderful goodies.

And Thank You Mamarazzi for hosting another great swap! 


  1. Great stuff! I have yet to read that particular Nicholas Sparks book. And those chocolates are yummers!

  2. She did an incredible job! SO much stuff, and to stay in the budget is quite an accomplishment. Looks like you two hit it off!

  3. wow...she did a fantastic job. you both put together such awesome packages for each other.

  4. Fun and unique stuff! Love that cake book - how cool!

  5. Glad you are enjoying your guilty pleasure goodies! I'm still savoring your package here! ;-)