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Friday, November 5, 2010

Eden Fantasys Review - Adult DVD

I was contacted by Eden Fantasys to do another review for them.  Eden Fantasys is a great online site for all kinds of adult toys, videos, lingerie, and books.

Since we were discussing not to long ago that our video collection needed some new additions I figured I see what I could find a new one. They had plenty to choose from but I decided on "Fallen" a  feature video from Wicked Pictures.

From the cover: "An erotic masterpiece comes to life as award winning director Brad Armstrong tells the tale of "Angel" (Jessica Drake), a fallen Gregorian Angel who has been banished to earth and stripped of her wings after the accidental death of the young woman she was sent to watch over. Alone and desperate for companionship, she finds it in the city's seedy underworld, far from the idyllic heavens she once knew. Follow Angel on her dark journey through some of the most sinful and perverse places this world has to offer. As she continues her fall into darkness, she discovers a glimmer of light in Keith (Brad Armstrong), a handsome mortal that she is inexplicitly drawn to. As Keith helps guide her back towards the light, a secret from the past comes back to haunt the duo, threatening to tear them apart. Can Angel regain her wings and soar once again. Or has she fallen for the last time, doomed to live out her days trapped in the purgatory she now calls home... Destined to become an adult classic, Armstrong's stunning visual style, combined with Drake's top-notch performance, mind-blowing sex scenes and a screenplay that delivers till the very last frame, Fallen is an unforgettable film." 
My Take:
This is a great feature porn! While the plot had some serious holes in it (no pun intended), for a porn it isn’t a simple script but the "actors" handle their roles beautifully. It is a lengthy movie (just shy of 3 hours) so I'm guessing if you're like us you wont make it through it in one sitting!  But it is definitely worth making a revisit to watch more of it.

This was Wicked’s really big movie for 2008 and it comes in a really big box. The packaging was superb and the extras included on the second and third disc were some of the best offered by them in a long time.

Bonus Features Include:

Disc Two: Special Features: Earthbound: The Making of Brad Armstrong’s Fallen, Blooper Reel, Leap of Faith (of the fall stunt.), Angels on Angels (with the girls), Box Shoot, Angels Flight Fantasy (More stunt reel stuff), Tatted Wings, Closer to Heaven, Photo Galleries, Star Galleries, Star Stats, Sex Scene Galleries, Trailers, Promo Reels, Digital Download. (You can download the movie directly to your hard drive. Pretty cool feature.)
Disc Three: Bonus Features: 2 Bonus Sex Scenes, 2 Deleted Sex Scene from Fallen, The Sex Booths, Extended, Interviews

Disc Four: What Excites You? Wicked 2008 Sampler Disc

My personal favorite part of this movie is the choose-your-own-adventure style multiple endings. How much fun! There are 3 separate endings to choose from each as good as the others.

If you like feature porn at all then, the movie is clearly worthy of being added to your collection.


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