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Thursday, May 6, 2010

MS Walk!!!!!!!!!!

This weekend is the MS Walk!!!!!!!!

This year has been great ... so far ...

I've raised more money than ever and so has my team. The shirts I made for the team came out great. The new tennies I got are super comfy.

Everything is great, right? WRONG!!!!!!

Lets see - the weather forecast - rainy windy and freaking cold. No not just a cold spring day, we're talking end of winter cold!! Then there is mom-in-law - she screwed up her ankle big time and instead of sitting out the walk she wants someone to push her in a wheelchair the whole route. Oh and did I mention that she wants me to find her a wheelchair to borrow for the day. Hmm - let me get right on that.

So to sum it up - a 3 mile walk on a cold miserable rainy day with my 14 month old son in his stroller and mom-in-law in a wheelchair that I am suppose to make magically appear. Hmm not sounding quite as enjoyable as I hoped.

Oh well - got to roll with it! We raised a lot of money for a great organization. There will be a lot of great people there. And best of all I'm still able to actually walk the walk!


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