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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

I have decided to start this blog to share the joys and struggles I experience being a mommy with MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

The Background:

In August 2006 I woke up one morning to find my pinkie finger and my ring finger on my left hand numb. I blew it off to sleeping funny and didn't think about it. But then it continued for several days eventually progressing to the point my hand and left arm from my elbow down was numb.

I went to see my regular doctor who ruled out a pinched nerve and all the basic things that would cause something like this to happen. So now on to a specialist to try to figure it out. I thought he was going to say an orthopedic specialist or something along those lines but nope - off to a neurologist for me.

After several test in the nueros office he sent me for an MRI. In under 48 hours since my MRI I received the call that would change my life - it was the nuero telling me I have MS. Talk about devastating! We went in the office the next day to go over everything and what this meant and what my steps were.

First we had to get the current "flare up" I was having under control. That meant 3 days of high dosage steroids via IV, followed up by another ten days of oral steroids. While that got me the majority of the feeling back in my arm, the first 2 fingers that went numb are still that way.

After that I started on my disease modifying drugs which means I get to inject myself everyday for the rest of my life (unless by some miracle a cure is found in my lifetime).

I have now been on my meds for 3 and a half years and luckily have only suffered minor "flare ups" since my main one. I still live with the other issues that come from MS daily, including major fatigue, digestive issues, and memory issues.

The Cast in this crazy journey:

Me: Nikki
A late 20 something with MS. Mommy, wife, worker-bee, and one sarcastic bi... I mean brat!

The Husband: Mike
My supporter, both emotionally and sometimes literally. A great father. And a man of incredible patience - he has to be if he married me.

The Son: Colin
14 month old mister independent!

The Supporting Characters:

The Cats: Max and Loin
More commonly called idiot and dumbass. But we love them.

The Mother-In-Law
An awesome women who is there for what ever we could need who fights her own demon of Fibromyalgia.

My Mom
She did always teach me if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything.

Bosses 1 and 2
Umm well ...

And others to be introduced at a later date!


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