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Friday, May 7, 2010

Reached our team goal flat on my ass!

Well my team has reached its goal for Walk MS tomorrow and went sprinting right on pass!!

But I've been flat on my ass for the last two days. MS-onster has reared its head and happily put me there. I have been so tired and sore I've had to fight to get up in the mornings, which isn't normal.

And my adorable son hasn't been helping much. 2 nights ago Colin decided that 4 hours after he went to bed , right around 11:15pm would be the perfect time to wake mommy and daddy up so he could play. Almost 2 hours later after much pleading and bribing (which unfortunately doesn't work yet) and a good amount of tears from both him and me we managed to get everyone back to bed. That morning 5am came much to fast!

So just trying to keep myself together for tomorrow to make it through the walk!


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