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Friday, July 16, 2010

Fawk You Friday!!!!!!!

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Ugh it has been one of those weeks that a few people are luck to still be alive!!

- Fawk you to my asshat of a boss!! Could you be any more of a fuckin' idiot! I'm not even going into why because there are to many things to even list!
- Fawk you to my co-irker! How hard is it to unlock the main fucking door so the rest of us peons can get into work on time! No I am not going to walk all the way to the oppisite side of the building from where I park to come in the bay door!
- Fawk you to mother nature! We have had enough sever storms already this year we really don't need any more. Plus I'd like to go for at least one week this summer without losing power!

And those are just my Fawk yous from today!


  1. I had a boss that would leave the door locked and then not answer the phone! Thanks for joining us today and I am now following you.

  2. Holy shit bitch! Talk about fucking storms! I'm so fucking sick of the weather in KS I could PUKE!

  3. LOL @ co-irker. Between that and your boss--I'd like to see a Fawk You Friday work edition!

    Thanks for linking up love!