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Friday, January 7, 2011

Five Question Friday

1. What is your current favorite book, and why?
Hmm - While I wont say favorite I will say most referenced currently are my potty training books.  I am bound and determined to have sweet potato out of diapers before my birthday in August.

2. Do you go to the dentist regularly? 
Umm we use to but not so much anymore. We have the intention to and have even made appointments to but just don't seem to be able to actually make it.

3. What is your worst memory from High School?
Being taken away in an ambulance during passing time. Not getting in to to many specifics but let just say it had to do with diet pills and a goody to shoe blabber mouth!

4. What do you hope to be remembered for in your life?

Honestly I want to be remembered simply as a great mother and friend. 

5. Are you superstitious or do you have any superstitions? 
Yes and no. I "knock on wood" a lot but don't buy in to the whole black cat or walking under ladders bad luck stuff. But when I preformed and competed in dance when I was younger I had to have a certain teddy bear with me.


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