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Monday, February 21, 2011

I didn't run away!

Don't worry I didn't run away or get locked in one of the cells at the Royal Prison.  I've been busy, things are a changing! Mostly I GOT A NEW JOB! Happy dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 weeks left in this place!

So between interviews and call ins with the new place and trying to keep things "normal" here, and work out new daycare arraignments,  and all the other fun stuff its been a bit hectic. Oh yeah and my sweet potato turns 2 this Saturday. Seriously 2! When the hell did that happen?!?! Wasn't it just yesterday I was being rushed to the OR to have him ripped out of me! Where the hell did time the go!

So yeah on top of the new job stuff, I have birthday party stuff going on. Which of course means the whole house has to be scrubbed from top to bottom, since I really don't feel like listening to the bitchy loving comments from the stuck up wonderful family members on how nice the house could be if I kept it up.

So I'm here and I will try to keep this up but please excuse me over the next few weeks if I am a bit sporadic on my posting.

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  1. Well congrats and Happy Birthday to the sweet potato