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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ugh What a week! Plus Balloonatiks Winner!

I know I haven't been a good blogger the last few weeks, but I've been having a rough go of it as of late. My MS monster has attacked my body horribly the last two weeks.  In no particular order I've dealt with major fatigue,  hand and arm numbness, the MS "hug" (It's not like your nice friendly hug, its more like my rib cage is being slowly crushed so it's hard to breathe), and the "joy" of being on steroids and the "awesome" joint pain that goes with them. To top all that off we two snow storms of 6+ inches of snow. A husband who's back has went out, who is working 40+ hrs a week plus going to school 3 nights a week, so he couldn't shovel the said snow and we don't have a snow blower. My munchkin has also been on steroids for his never ending cough, which thankfully has finally gone away, but made him one mean little boy. I've learned a new position at work, since the last person who did it quite. I'm getting ready for an interview for a new job tomorrow. Ugh!!! FML! Seriously I just want to curl up in bed for a few days and not have to deal with anyone of anything!

Ok I'm done with excuses - Now for the winner of the Balloonatiks DVD.

Raven in a Blue Room said "I like your blog on facebook"

Thank you Raven I will be contacting you shortly.

OK So hopefully back to more regularly scheduled blogging this week.


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