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Monday, August 2, 2010

CSN Stores / Delonghi Two Cup Espresso/Cappuccino Maker Review

So recently I was approached with the opportunity to do another product review through CSN Stores. So of course I jumped on the chance. With over 200 stores of everything from furniture to everything for baby and kids to health and fitness items and everything in between I figured it would be no problem finding an Item to review. Well one problem that I didn't expect when picking an item did come up - What to pick!  My wishlist was 2 or 3 pages long of incredible items at great price by the time I made myself stop "window" shopping. So I turned over the item selection process to my husband. He picked an delightful Espresso/Cappuccino maker!

So off I went to place the order.  CSN's website is super simply to navigate around and after a few short minutes my order for the Delonghi Two Cup Espresso/Cappuccino Maker was placed. I was very happy to see that even with basic shipping my cappuccino maker was going to be on my door step in just less than a week!

Just as promised my cappuccino maker arrived on my door step 6 days after placing my order in perfect condition! Unfortunately it took a few days once here for me to actually open it and play with it, my standard life just got in the way.

Once I did open it and started playing with it the results were great! Unlike some other cappuccino makers this one is very simple to use and the directions are very clear and easy to follow.  In no time flat I had made 2 delicious cappuccinos for me and the husband.

It brews super quick and the frothing arm actually swivels to make frothing your milk easier! It is compact in size so it can stay on the counter all the time which means it is more likely to get used regularly.

I'm really excited about this little guy because now I can make my caps just the way I like them and in a weeks time it will have paid for itself since me and my husband wont have to make our daily trip to the local coffee shop!

Overall great shopping experience and a great product!

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  1. Thanks for the info! I'm a caffeine addict and lately my old coffee maker just hasn't been up for the challenge.

    If you have a free moment (ha, right?) I'd love it if you could swing by my 200th Follower Link Party and link up! :)