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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hump Day Review - A Day Early!

This week I was contacted by Eden Fantasys to see if I wanted to do a review of one of their products. Having a small "toy box" in our bedroom I decided to take them up on the offer.

Since last time I reviewed something just for me, I thought I would review something for me and me husband this time.  For something different I decided to try 101 Nights of Grreat Sex board game. Briefly let me just say if all the nights turn out like the first time we played this game, it lives up to its name and then some!

101 Nights of Grrreat Sex

The "official" description says:

The Game Of Sensual Foreplay, Surprises, Sexual Trivia, and Secret Sealed Seductions.
Enjoy the romance, the fun and the red-hot sexual play that have turned Laura Corn's books into worldwide million-sellers!
Anticipation. Come flirt, tease, and seduce your lover as you travel around the board on your way to a night of Grrreat Sex!
Mystery. Hide your surprises in Pandora's box, scribble a love note, put on a blindfold or take something off! Every move you make is filled with suspense.
Fun. Test your Sexual IQ with more than 400 Erotic Trivia Questions! They're intimate - surprising - outrageous - funny. Each correct answer gets you closer to a night of Grrreat Sex.
Excitement. As the game heats up and the passion builds, the winner selects TWO Secret Sealed Seductions. One will be saved for later - and one will be performed right now...just as soon as you tear it open and read Laura's wickedly explicit instructions. 101 cards inside the box = 101 nights of fun and passion!

The box contains:
An 18.5" x18.5" game board
101 Secret Sealed Seduction cards
1 Notepad
1 pencil
2 Erotic Trivia Books (one for his eyes only, the other for hers)
2 game markers (1 white, 1 black)
a die
The Rules

I was a bit reluctant about it because I was worried that it would be like most sex games and get really old and boring after awhile. Happily I can say it's not!

It turned out to to be a lot of fun. The act of playing the game itself presents all sorts of naughty situations, and at the end you've still got the opening of the Secret Sealed Seduction cards to look forward to. Based on the squares you land on you have to answer some sex trivia, either take off a piece of clothing or put one on, write a note and put it inside Pandora's Box, "Kiss Me Somewhere" - self explanatory, either blindfold or handcuff your lover then tease them for a full minute, play with food, 60 Second Massage - anywhere you like - again self explanatory or Pandora's Box - where you get to put different items in the game box for use later during your Secret Sealed Seduction.

The game itself can take a while so definitely make sure the kids are in bed for the night - or better yet send them off to grandmas or a friends house for the night! Also I was a little disappointed that some of the seduction cards suggest things that can be pretty expensive. But most of the seductions don't require a lot of money, but for those of them that do it may take a little extra budgeting if you don't have a lot of disposable income. There are other icons on the cards that suggest non-monetary items you will need. And again some of them may take some planning since they can include nice weather, a meal, a gift or a car for traveling. Please don't let that discourage you from trying the game because there are plenty of seductions that don't require such elaborate plans. You can also adjust them to suit your needs or take as much time as you like to complete them. With this game you can get as elaborate or as simple as you like. We really enjoyed how easy it was to adjust the game to suit our needs. And I definitely recommend that both you and your partner take the time before hand and read the directions! It makes things go so much smoother!

This is a game I could see being fun for a newer couple since some of the trivia questions can help you open up more and it gives you ideas for things you may not have done together yet. But I think it is definitely aimed at couples that have been together for a while and are looking for something different. As a couple that falls into the second category we really enjoyed the game and I can't wait till we get to complete my 2nd winning card which did take some planning for, but it gives us a fun night to look forward to in the next few weeks!

Thank you Eden Fantasys for giving me the opportunity to review 101 Nights of Grreat Sex board game and I look forward to my next opportunity to review another of your products!


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