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Friday, August 20, 2010

Fawk You Friday!

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Fawk You -

- To the damn stomach flu that closed my daycare 2 days this week making me take time off work!

- To lice! You nasty creatures! Thank god my little guy didn't get them but his teddy and blankey are in quarantine to make sure they didn't bring them home!

- To the stupid friend of a friend for hurting my friend.  You are supposed to be in her wedding which is a month away! You couldn't show up to the bridal shower on Sunday! You haven't bought your dress yet! Seriously she let us get whatever black knee length dress we want! How fawkin hard is that! You're not coming to the bachlorette party! Ugh! I'm so close to coming and kicking your ass! Just back out and save us the headache!

- To people that can't RSVP to events.  How freakin hard is it to check yes or no then drop the self addressed stamped envelope in the mail! Or even easier send a text or respond to an invite on facebook. Seriously people - COMMON FREAKIN COURTESY!   


  1. You don't even know me and you probably hate me. lol. I am the notorious non-rsvp'er. Slips my mind .. or maybe it's because I also hate events. I gave a special Fawk You to weddings today ... I hate them the most.

    Good luck with the headlice, we battled that for SIX weeks when my kid was in kindergarten. Bitch-ass parents kept sending their kids back without fixing that shit.

  2. Oh lord....when my daughter was in kindergarten she got head was a nightmare! So glad you're little guy didn't get it!